With a dad’s help and support mum tends to stick at breastfeeding longer which has got to be good for baby. There’s lots that fathers can do to make breastfeeding easier for their partners. And by lending a hand dad will become much more involved and avoid feeling left out.

Breastfeeding can be hard work at first, so the first thing is to be supportive and thoughtful towards mum. Take a bigger share in the household chores and make sure she has what she needs while she’s feeding. She may feel pretty marooned while she’s breastfeeding, and will really appreciate an extra pair of hands.

Dads can get to know their baby in lots of different ways, such as bathing or carrying your baby in a sling close to you. Also, your baby may sometimes settle well with you rather than their mum. Giving your baby their bath, changing nappies and being part of getting ready for bed are other great ways of becoming close to your baby.